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Blackfriday 2013 and cybermonday 2013 sale

11 Ways to Shop Safely For Cyber Monday Deals 2013

Before you pull your hair out and lose sleep over finding the best Black Friday deals, consider sleeping in and shop on Cyber Monday. Considered by many to be the digital counterpart to Black Friday, Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) is the day where you benefit from low prices and great promotions. So, what do you need to do to safely shop for Cyber Monday Deals 2013? Consider the following tips:

Find Reputable Sites in Advance. Find Cyber Monday Deals 2013 by visiting or Both sites lists deals and promotions daily. Also, utilize coupon and discount sites such as and These sites also offer tips on how to find the bargains at the major retailers sites.ap_black_friday_21_dm_121123_wg

Ask: Deal or No Deal? Is that incredibly low price really a good deal? If it sounds too good to be true,then, it is. At a minimum, beware of super low prices and beware of add ons and phony sales.

Check the Site’s Reputation. If you visit an unfamiliar site, check for “contact us” information such as a phone number and address; a privacy policy that offers an “opt out” clause or a TrustE seal. The Better Business Bureau can also provide you with information regarding the site’s reputation.

Read Free Shipping Offers Carefully. Many online retailers will entice you with a free shipping offer. Before you complete your order make sure that you understand when your order will arrive. Also, closely examine free shipping offers that require you to purchase a specific dollar amount to qualify for free shipping. Sometimes, buying more to receive free shipping is not worth it. Do the math and make sure that it makes sense.

Judge the Site’s Return Policy. Make sure that you scan the site’s return policy and ask yourself: Will I get a full refund? Also find out how long do you have to return something. In addition, look closely for any restrictions such as a restocking fees on some items.





Check out Securely. Do not type any financial information until you are certain that the site offers secure checkout. A secure site will have a lock and key in the bar at the bottom of the page in the right hand corner and the Web address should always begin with “http.”

Beware of Identity Theft Scams. Identity theft takes many forms including tricking consumers into disclosing their personal and financial information via e mail and re directing shoppers to a different web page to checkout. Reputable businesses will not ask you to verify personal information such as credit card numbers, bank account information, social security numbers or PIN codes through email. Outsmart thieves by simply ignoring any requests that seem unnecessary. However, if you do fall prey to a scam, act fast by contacting the police, the Federal Trade Commission’s identity theft hotline (1 877 438 4338) and your credit card issuers.

Review Your Credit Cards Extra Protections. Many credit cards offer extra protections such as return guarantees, extended warranties, coverage of stolen or damaged goods, and price protection. For more information on credit card protections New Modern Furniture onsale spending or contact your credit card issuer.

Use the Best Credit Card. If you plan to pay for your gifts with a credit card use only one card preferably a card that pays rewards. Why? You can easily track your spending and limit your chances for identity theft.

Prepare Your Computer. Make sure that your computer’s anti virus software is up to date. Also, consider adding link scanning software which scans links to ensure that you will not click on an infected website. You can download free anti virus and link scanning software from AVG technologies at Bedroom modern furniture. In addition, update your Web browser to the latest version and install a toolbar that fights spam and scams.

Know Your Consumer Rights. If your order is damaged, defective, late or not what you expected, what recourse do you have in terms of return, replacement, or refund? The answer will depend on each site’s policies. However, the Federal Trade Commission Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Trade Regulation Rule, a rule that covers online purchases, as well as those made by phone or mail, provides sweeping consumer protection. Visit  for more information.

Overall, finding great Cyber Monday Deals 2013 online can be fun and exciting if you exercise caution, do your research and above all else, trust your instincts.

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